Jordan and Katie – winner for most hilariousness

Jordan and Katie… I feel like they’re a part of my family, or I might be a part of theirs. At this point I have spent multiple days with them on a houseboat, met their children (puppies), and been a part of the biggest day of their lives. So yes, I’m pretty sure I can be considered family by now. 
I have a sweet spot in my heart for these two. Jordan is like the cool funny kid next door that makes you laugh instantly. Katie is the girl that was serious and a bit shy, but in fact she’s so darling and fun. I especially feel close to this family because they helped me cross off a HUGE ‘to do’ off of my bucket list. To stand up on a wakeboard… Most of you think this is so easy. Nope it’s not. I have been on many a boat where the captain thinks they are super special and can pop me right out of the water. I’ve heard them say… “Oh, but you didn’t have a tower on that boat, so that’s probably why you couldn’t get up.” OR. My favorite is when I’m with my teeny teeny friend who weighs 97.5 lbs and she pops up out of the water on the first try. Then it’s my turn, and everyone roots me on and screams… “You can do it! Try one more time. You’ll get it this time.” Ha! I’ve heard it all.
After Lilly shot Jordan and Katie’s love story, I decided to jump in to have a go at it. Katie was a pro at this, so she actually gave me some good pointers, and Jordan is a master at encouragement. I’m not gonna lie. There were some outtakes… meaning Lilly was filming my failed attempts. Then, I finally figured it out and I was up! It was so fantastical! The wake boarding part was good, but it was the conquering my failure and finally succeeding that gave me a HUGE rush! I could hear everyone on the boat erupt in a loud cheer. It was one of the best moments.
Anywhoo… now… I’m pretty sure I’m blogging about a wedding.
The reception was in Katie’s backyard in West Valley… I know. West Valley. Surprising. 🙂 It was decorated to perfection. I loved the details with the cut logs. The touches of purple were perfect. The live band was pretty amazing, I mean, I was impressed. Katie had given Jordan this studly pocket watch which was engraved, so we needed to have some good shots of it. They hung lights and crystal strands through the trees to give it an enchanted feel. The desserts were nummy and Lilly and I loved every bit of it. Thanks you two for letting us be with you on your big day. You two are so cute! Oh, and Jordan, Lilly is sad that you’re not her friend on facebook. She would be so mad at me if she knew I wrote that! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Jordan! You kill me! 

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

Lilly McDowell
Picket Fence Films

  1. J.T.

    July 26th, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    Katie was beginning to say she didn't really think we were married! So thanks Photography by McKenzie for getting these awesome pictures up so I have proof!! Family reunion is coming up so we will see you there.

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