Katie’s bridals in Lake Powell

Yep! That’s right. This session was shot in Lake Powell. During Katie’s consultation she mentioned that she thought it would be so much fun to have her bridals taken in Lake Powell. I’ve shot bridal sessions on the red rocks in St George, but not Lake Powell. I’m always up for something new. The best part is the they hired Lilly McDowell of Picket Fence Films to do their love story the next day. Woo hoo! ROAD TRIP! I’ll be posting more of the hilarious happenings of Lilly and McKenzie from this trip, but for now… it’s about this darling bride.
Katie was SOOOO smart to bring a big Tupperware to put over her head while we drove the boat to the spot. It kept her in her own little ecosphere. I don’t know if that’s really a word, but it helped with the wind and kept her makeup perfect. We had so much help. We had Dad, Mom, Sister-in-Law and a friend to help get Katie safely out of the boat and onto the red sand. There were a couple of close calls when Katie almost fell off of her Dad’s back getting off of the boat. I took photos, don’t you worry, but I’m pretty sure I was at an angle that Katie wouldn’t want me to post on here. 🙂 Hee hee!
The bridal session went great! I had some shade to work with, some sun flares, and of course the sunset.
The next day Lilly took Jordan and Katie out on the boat to do their love story. I can’t even begin to tell you how ridiculously darling it is. WAY too cute! Here’s a link to Lilly’s talent.

Lilly is so crazy talented. She’s my friend. I love her.

This is probably the only time I’ll ever need to wear a swim suit while shooting. 

My cute little pink camera bag. What would I do without you! My little boy calls this my picture purse. 

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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