Jantzen and Danica – the weather follows Danica. :)

Danica was referred to me through Lilly McDowell with Picket Fence Films. She was working with a different photographer and wasn’t super excited about how her bridals turned out so she switched over to me. Hooray for me! I’m the winner! Just kidding.

Anywhoo… Her first bridal session was overcast weather and… so was this bridal session… the difference is that I know how to work with what the weather and/or sun is giving me. 
I LOVE her dress. I’ve noticed a lot of drop waisted dresses this season. So stunning and so flattering. Her dress is made of nice shiny satin, which is super hard to capture detail in it especially with overcast weather. I think I did a pretty good job. Jantzen and Danica’s wedding is this Saturday. SO everybody pray for good weather!
Oh, AND near the end of the session. A hurricane/tornado decided to show up. It was cray cray. Duck and cover, etc. 

Danica’s Dad was so awesome. He picked out all of the letters to spell their names. Apparently I was out of the letter D. BUT don’t you worry! Dad figured that we could use the P and use it as a lowercase d. So we good. 

McKenzie Deakins
Photography by McKenzie

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