Jameson and April – Waldorf Astoria fabulousness!

Hooray for this wedding! I LOVE to shoot at venues for the first time. LOVE IT! The Waldorf Astoria – Park City was just packed full of fabulousness! The bathrooms were granite from floor to ceiling and it smelled like fresh laundry. One of my favorite things were the hand carved wooden antlers. My husband didn’t believe me when I said they were made of wood. So crazy cool. The food was deeelish… although, I don’t eat steak. I can eat it if it’s well done. This one was mighty red. If you know me then you know that I can barely… barely… touch raw meat to cook it. So it was tricky to eat this one. I closed my eyes and thought of chicken. 🙂 So fabulous though. 

Jameson and April! You two are so darling! I hope you like how these turned out. Oh, and I love that I made it into the speeches, in a roundabout way. 🙂

Jameson love LOVED Krispy Kreme donuts. And I can’t say I don’t blame him. They are absolutely fantastic. 

totally my fav

McKenzie Deakins
Photography by McKenzie
Utah Wedding Photographer

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