Jordan and Katie- windy windy fabulous!

This past week the weather has been…. well… pretty lameo! Katie took Friday off so we could shoot this session so that was the day to shoot. We bumped up the shoot to 1 pm instead of 5 pm for fear of the late rain. I was surprised at how cooperative the sun was. It came out when I needed it most. The wind, however, was angry pants. It had a personal vendetta for Katie’s maxi dress. As you can see in the images below she had a battle with the wind. I felt bad taking photos the entire time, but… I couldn’t resist. It was madness!
Katie’s little puppies made a special appearance. They are near and dear to Jordan and Katie, so of course we needed to implement them. The little black one, I think his name is Beano… he was a crazed maniac! I didn’t think a little pup like that could jump so high!
I loved this location. Katie is having these log stumps at her reception. So I wanted her to bring them to the engagement session so we could tie the photos into the decor of her wedding. Um, Yes, Jordan and Katie totally rocked it. Their outfits were perfection. I am especially proud of Jordan. Down to the socks with style… Yes! I can’t wait for the bridal session.

This is one of my favs!

another fav!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer
Photography by McKenzie

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