Kyle and Mackenzie

Yep! We have the same name. Spelled differently, but now on the wedding day when everyone is saying “McKenzie! You look so stunning!, I know they’re not talking about me.” Because that usually happens???? Anyway, this couple was so funny. They were very nervous about this session. Worried that they wouldn’t get a good shot of them looking at the camera and smiling… Wha? Of course we get those shots. I think a lot of photographers haven’t been taking those photos because they think they’re cliche or traditional… I say NAY! They are a necessity! Those are the images that the bride wants to send out in the announcement. So… I always take those shots in every spot that I put them in. My couples always end up with crazy amounts of images to choose from. I also LOVE the closeups, candids, and kissing shots. I do it all! I’m kind of amazing when it comes to photography. I’m not good at a lot of things, like cleaning the bathroom, cooking, or doing the dishes. But I think I’m pretty good at this. Blah blah blah…
Kyle and Mackenzie… their love story gave me goosebumps! I can’t remember all of the details, but the best part of it was that for a couple of years, they were trying to date, but there was always a boyfriend or girlfriend in the way. Finally when they started dating, they only had a couple of weeks together before Kyle had to go back to teaching school in the middle of somewhere. 🙂 They have long distance dated for a long time. SO they brought these ridiculously darling love letters for me to use as a prop. SHUT up! So cute. Loved it! Also, they sing songs together. They’re like straight out of a movie.
Oh! AND! I asked to take photos on the property of a cute house that had a great view of whatever lake that is, and found out it was Matt Olsen. I totally graduated from Orem High School with him. Class of ’01 baby! Thanks Matt for letting us use your grass for photography purposes. 🙂

So good! 

His shoes are fantastic! Take note brides… buy good shoes for your dudes!

I put Kyle in charge of swiping down the fly away hairs… This is his solution. 🙂

They sing to each other! Moments!!!!

The love letters!

Do you love their faces! I was taking the shot below, and then saw their faces, so I needed to take it! Kyle kills me!

The sun came out at the perfect time. This always happens. I love it!

Her theme for her wedding is vintage travel. So appropriate for their story, and who doesn’t love globes as decorations. 

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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