Vintage Venues Rental

While I was at the bridal fair a couple Saturdays ago for Peachies Photo Parlour, I found a darling booth that specialized in vintage wedding rentals. Now… I’m a definite fan of the vintage style and shabby chic preciousness that’s happening in weddings, so I want everyone to know about them. They have fantastic centerpieces and table coverings that actually have style and are made of natural fabrics. Carin Bunker is behind all of this fabulousness and she is a pure delight. I’m so excited to start working with her. I’ll recommend her to all of my brides.
Oh… I took some photos of her displays because she needed them taken for her website. NOW… I didn’t have all of my delicious lenses with me. I just had the one we were using for Peachie’s Photo Parlour. So these aren’t as fantastic as I know they could be, but I was using the light inside the South Towne Expo center… Anywhoo… LOVE IT ALL!

McKenzie Deakins
Photography by McKenzie

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