Barlow Arts Conservatory – Spring 2013 Poster

What’s my most favorite thing to photograph? Weddings… what’s a close second? Ballerinas. I’ve always wished I could be a ballerina. Sad, but maybe I can start with the PreBallet class? Maybe? Maybe? I love working with Jenny Barlow at these shoots. We always have so much fun. Even though this was a short session, I thought we nailed the shot. I wanted to blog about it because as I was doing the touch up work on the image, I found myself in a pickle. I couldn’t figure out how to undirtify (to clean) her toe shoes. Usually I dodge and burn, or paint in color mode over it, but it wasn’t working well. So… I decided to experiment by pretending that my Photoshop brush was a real brush. So I started painting over it. I love the result. I also loved doing it. I was an Art Major at UVU so this felt like I was  right back into my dirty oil painting clothes. So fun, and watch for this image on Center Street in Provo at the Covey Arts Center. It’ll be 10 feet tall.

McKenzie Deakins
Photography by McKenzie

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