Kyle and Sarah- ice cream and a bike

Dearest Sarah, you blinked in 50% of these images. It’s a good thing I overshoot at engagement sessions because I didn’t know you had such talent blinking so quickly. BUT I will TAKE your blinks because you make up for it in absolute stunningness. Yep, that’s now an official word. Stunningness it’s a synonym for Sarah Welton soon to be Sarah Baird.
I had SO much fun with these guys! I mean, it’s completely obvious. I think I wet myself during the shots with the ice cream hats. I’m still laughing. They were such great sports! Especially Kyle! Kyle! You are so handsome! I don’t think you knew you had it in you. Just leave it to me to pull out your inner super model.
I asked Sarah to buy a bundle of baby’s breath. I told her it was so cheap, when she told me it was $10 I was shocked. But… totally worth it. I think it added so much to the session. I also had her bring the cokes and I supplied the darling straws. Shoving the beach cruiser into my Land Rover wasn’t my finest moment, but I did it, and I’m super proud.
Mimi McDonald (precious friend) showed me this location in Midway, Utah. It’s just up the street from her house. I was dying when I walked in. It’s complete madness! I loved it all! I just want to put an exclamation mark after everything because I love it! I love my job! I love my life!
On another note, this is a great location for an early Spring session since everything is still in hibernation.

I love this shot because it looks like he’s holding her hand for the first time. She’s all looking down at it… presh. 
One of my favs from the session.

YES! Ice cream hats! Ever body needs ’em

The most delicious of drinks.

HAHAHA! I love this shot of Kyle. I almost deleted it, but… somehow… I couldn’t.

Doesn’t Sarah’s lips look so provocative in this? 

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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