Chasin and Madison- wintry bridals

Wintry, snowy, white, lovely bridal session

This past Saturday I chose to shoot three sessions up immigration canyon at my Aunts home. It was SUCH a great idea because we were able to shoot for a bit, then run in and warm up with hot chocolate and sit next to the fire. Then go back out and shoot some more! Chasin and Madison will be getting married this month so I needed to get these back to them asapy. I LOVE utilizing the snow. If it’s here, we might as well shoot with it. I really like how these turned out.
You LOVE the pine cone, don’t you…
I saw them next to the fire at my Aunt Diane’s house. Yes, I call her Aunt Diane. I don’t think I’ve ever called her Diane. I try to force myself to say it now because that’s probably more appropriate for my age and such. Anywhoo- They are giganticnormous pine cones from Reno. Reno? Why? Anyway, I loved implementing them.

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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