Gibbs Family

I always always love to shoot this family. They have been the family that has the longest track record with me. Seriously. I shot their family 6 years ago, I think… and they have shot with me every year. I also design their Christmas card every year. I do NOT call myself a designer. OH NO I do not. I am a photographer first and foremost, and sometimes, nay, rarely… do I attempt to design. I put my trust in actual designers for most things. But when it comes to the Gibbs family I put that aside and try my best. Katie told me that everyone they send them out to always compliments and looks forward to getting their card in the mail. So, the pressure was on.
With the addition of precious Charli, I made this card into a mini announcement for her. I really like how this session turned out. I drive by these corn fields every day and I thought how awesome it would be to do a family session in it. The Gibbs family always puts their trust in me (I don’t know why). They were up for anything. I just love them.
Anyway, there they are. Thanks Katie, Shawn, Jack, Sam, and Charli.

 I am in love with Sam and Shawn in this photo. Katie and Jack look like they’re going to kill me. Ha!

 He’s showing me that he can control this situation. Oh yeah… “well I just won’t open my eyes!”

 Jack posed himself for this shot. He sat there and said “ok, take a photo of me right here, like this.” Then Sam walked behind him. So good. 

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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