Nice Notes

I am so lucky to work with such fantastic people. I recently was emailed 3 super awesome emails smothered in compliments. I love to hear this stuff, because contrary to what you may believe… I really need it some times. It’s good to hear that I’m on the right track and that I’m a good photographer. Love these. They are so precious to me.


 You are an AMAZING photographer!

 Thank you Thank you for the incredible work you’ve done on our wedding pictures!

 We felt like kids at Christmas going through EIGHT HUNDRED AND TEN PICTURES last night!

 And thank you for staying up late to get them done.

 It was incredible and we were impressed with all the various shots.

 It’s hard to believe it was almost 2 months ago!

 If you ever need us to write a review or give our thoughts to potential clients, please let us know.

We’ll be happy to give glowing remarks.
Forever and ever, THANK YOU AGAIN!”
David and Chelsea Hillyard

“Hello, Ms. Amazing Photographer – 

The bridals are beautiful!!!  And everyone that sees the book/cover encasing the CD is so jealous that they don’t have one!

I do not know how we will every decide which ones to enlarge for her reception.  Really.  I want them all 🙂

Thank you so much for all of your work.

Thank you for your work with Ashley & Mitch.  Your personality really complements the work that you do and the repoire you build with the bride and groom.”

Lisa Powelson

“Thanks, McKenzie! I just looked at the pictures about an hour ago, and I really, really like them. You do such great work.

After we got done taking them that night, I told my mom that I was the most excited I have been about wedding planning, knowing we were going to get those pictures back soon. Who knew my biggest stress would turn into my biggest excitement through all of this?

While I’m not a fan of looking at myself, I absolutely love the pictures with both Matt and me. And I love the ones of Matt. I’m excited to get them printed.

And thanks again for all you’ve done for us so far. You’re a gem!”

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