Ryan and Sierra

I love this couple! Ryan is the real life Captain America. I love his iPhone case. So appropriate. Sierra is the real life Malibu Barbie. Ryan completely intimidated me when I first met him. I am so “out there” in a crazy, bubbly, can’t stop talking when I’m nervous way. He’s a personal trainer and kind of scared me. I was SO wrong! He is so sweet with Sierra. He gave me the best compliments that anyone has ever given me. He said that he liked me and that he doesn’t like a lot of people. YES! I win! Hooray! 🙂 He also entrusted me with his keys. I held them safe and sound in my camera bag all night long. His car ended up getting decorated anyway. Yeah, Ryan and I are besties now. I LOVED how Sierra put her own style into her wedding. Everything was had a touch of elegance. Her style was simplistic glamour.. and she made it work! Her centerpieces were all different, so I had to photograph all of them. I loved her idea of putting lace around cupcakes. So precious! I just love weddings. I fell in love with their cute families. Thanks for being so sweet! I hope you like how these turned out. There are buckets more photos on the discs. 🙂 Thanks!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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