Vintage Fall Inspiration Shoot

Wow! This was a last minute session. In my mind I had planning on doing another inspiration shoot in the fall, but it just snuck up on me. 🙂 I had a week to put together this session before the weather turned on me.

I called Calie first and we brainstormed. She had this great idea for the unexpected fall color scheme. She is so creative with her floral arrangements so I knew that she would have some ideas for the dinner setting. I also wanted to have another scene that showed more of a casual vintage swank. The awesome radio that the groom is holding in the couch scene is my husband’s Grandpa’s radio from back in the day. He was up in Spokane recently and saw that they were going to throw it away. I’m so glad that he grabbed it. It actually still works. The milk glass pieces were my Grandma’s. I LOVE love them! When I saw the stunning floral arrangements in them I tried not to tear up. I thought how wonderful it would have been to show her that I used them in this shoot.
I found the bride model (Teresa) in Costco, specifically the food court. I was there buying myself a delicious hot dog with sauerkraut. I saw her fabulously stunning curly hair and her smily precious eyes. I approached her and asked if she had ever modeled. She said she hadn’t, but was completely willing. I love Teresa’s look because it’s unique, and I knew that she would photograph well.
Loren Peterson (groom model) was in a couple of classes of Greg’s at UVU. He was so willing to work with me and I appreciate him missing his classes on the day of the shoot. You’re awesome Loren!
Is there anything more beautiful than a delicately designed dessert? La Jolla Groves went above and beyond. Calie and her husband Matt picked them up and treated them like their 6 newborn children. It was so funny to see how precious they were to them. Hahahaha! I was able to get some stunning images of the desserts. After the shoot we all chose a dessert and ate them. I chose the creme brule. Fabulous.
Mollie with Polka Dot’s and Daises put the cherry on top of this session. She added the sweet details that pulled it together and made it perfect. Thanks Mollie! I’m a fan.
It was SO cold! It had been 60 degrees and then this one day was cold. Nice. Of course that’s my luck when it comes to these things. When I shot my spring inspiration shoot in the orchard it was the last of the freezing days before the warmth came. Oh well… I just felt bad for my models.
In all, I think this session turned out so unique and beautiful. If I had anything to saw about Autumn and Fall this is what it would look like. The end.
Photography: Photography by McKenzie, McKenzie Deakins, 801-427-4068, Floral Artistry: Calie Rose Floral and Design. Calie Williams, 801-367-8717, Invitation Design: Polka Dots and Daises, Mollie Openshaw, Hair and Makeup: Utah Bridal Makeup, Cara Williams Location: Wadley Farms, Desserts provided by: La Jolla Groves, Bridal Gowns: Avenia Bridal Tux: Mens Warehouse Antiques provided by: Jeanne Harrison Bride Model: Teresa Cordero Belliard Groom Model: Loren Peterson
  1. Lynley Jill

    November 10th, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    You did such a beautiful job! I love every picture and every little detail! I also love that you found your model at the costco food court;) Fabulous!

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