McKenzie- the bride

It’s so strange when I book a bride with the name McKenzie. It’s not an incredibly common name, so I’m not used to hearing it so often on a wedding day. 🙂 It kinda throws me off. Not only is her name McKenzie, but her groom’s name is Greg. Wha! For those of you who don’t know my husband’s name is Greg as well. Madness! Here’s another one… her sister’s name is Kylie, and my step-sister’s name is Kylie. Right? Crazy.

I LOVED shooting McKenzie’s bridals. We shot at the Harley Davidson store in Lindon and then went to the beautiful orchard. I shot in the morning for this session. I love using the strong morning light. I usually don’t book sessions in the morning because frankly, I’m not a morning person. At the Harley Davidson store the workers/biker dudes were so awesome. They let me use this brand spankin’ new Harley to use as a prop. It has 3 miles on it. The marketing manager came down and wanted in on the fun too. So, may see one of these images hanging in the Harley Davidson store. Thank you Harley Davidson dudes for being so rad.
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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