Harvey Family

Little brother fell and cut his lip open. It was so dramatic and sad. He was smiling and happy again within 5 minutes.

Dawn teaches ballet, and needed new shots to put on her dance studio’s website. I LOVE toe shoes with jeans. If I could go back and do anything more with my life it would be to be a ballerina who could wear toe shoes. I wouldn’t even care if I was very good. I just want to put them on and stand on my toes. Yes, what a good idea.

Shera Taylor (my album designer) is sister’s with the Harvey Family. She actually gave her sister this photo session for Christmas. What an amazing present! I would love it if I got a professional family photo session as a present.

This little family was so fun to be around. The littlest one would hold my hand and walk with me to the next location. He had the funniest personality. When I was taking his photos, I was just talking to him and shooting him talking back to me. I ended up with some hilarious shots.
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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