Mark and Megan


I was just looking over our wedding pictures and I LOVE them. Thank you so much for taking such perfect pictures! I feel so lucky to have had such a talented photographer for our wedding. I tell everyone I know that they need to have YOU do their wedding.

Thanks again!

After we finished the group photos and started on the photos of the two of them it began to rain. It started by sprinkling then it turned into a steady rain. We shot under this overhang and then we decided we needed to get those important shots on the pedestal so we ran with our umbrellas. I think we ended up with some stunning images under this overhang. I love spring weddings with all of the blossoms and tulips, but I’m not a fan of the touch and go weather.

Dress: Gateway Bridal and Prom

Cake: Pastry Arts Barrani
Florist: Chic Design Studios –
Caterer: Have Party Will Travel

Reception: Le Jardin
When Megan came out of the temple and I first saw her dress, my mouth dropped open. I was in love! I LOVE it when I see a bride and she gets it. She understands what’s correct and what’s the 90’s. I love how her cake mimicked her dress. That was my MOST favorite detail.

I also LOVED Mark. He is hilarious and super easy going. He was involved with picking the photographer, and he said the nicest things about me. Usually I don’t hear too much from the groom, so this was definitely a nice twist. They are one of my favorite couples for sure.

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