Greg and Sky

Greg and Sky are getting married this Friday, but we went today to shoot their temple photos because the actual wedding day is a little rushed and we wanted to be sure to get the essential photos.

Lindy Hughes of Extensions by Lindy did Sky’s fabulous lash extensions. She actual filled mine today too. Anyway, Lindy’s awesome and everyone should have lash extensions…
Greg and Sky are both around 6 ft tall. Greg is taller, but because they are both tall people and I am only 5 ft 4 in I had to be sure to always stand away from them while taking full body shots so that they were correctly proportioned. I also tried to have them sitting for a lot of shots so I could get the most flattering angles, and I tried to either stand uphill from them or stand on something to continually be higher.
I am super excited for their wedding. Their reception is at Sleepy Ridge and I LOVE shooting there. I live within walking distance, so I’m definitely a fan. Hooray!
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer
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