Alex and Mariah

I had to get a photo of the beginnings of the tulips. I LOVED seeing flowers! Yay!

Here I am laying on the stomach on the temple grounds. I was shooting the feet shot. I looked up and saw the dad holding up the dress. I just thought it was funny.

This little flower girl was SO upset! We had been trying to get a shot with her and the bride all day, but she was having a tough time.

The Salt Lake Temple. Stunning! If you’re going to find any kind of early spring flower on March 5th, then it’s at the Salt Lake Temple. They were just peeking up out of the ground, so I took advantage of whatever color I could find.

I loved working with Alex and Mariah. They were so happy and so candid. Their families are so genuinely nice. I just love weddings like this.
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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