Songbird Studios

Katie Gibbs is such a great friend of mine. I have photographed her family for eons. I was thrilled when she told me about her new business. She started the business Songbird Studios specializing in preforming at weddings. So she’s a wedding singer. Love it! She recently preformed at Tyler and Lindsey’s wedding in November and I was dying! She is so full of mad talent! Her voice is so rich and precious. If you are thinking about having a wedding singer at all, give Katie a call. Her and her handsome brother are the best team.

Oh, ok, so now to talk about how fantastic this shoot went! I looked outside 15 min. before we were supposed to start, and I saw crazy snow flurries. I waited 20 min. and it went away and the sky went blue. It wasn’t warmer by any means, but the wind died down and we were able to still shoot. Near the end they both wanted to kill me because I wanted to keep shooting. 🙂 What a fun day!
Katie Gibbs
Songbird Studios
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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