Jeremy and Kylie

Try to find me! Hint… I have fabulous yellow shoes on.

I had my stepbrother take this one, since I’m in it. Just so you know I didn’t crop anyone out on purpose.

Extensions by Lindy

The day came! What an incredibly busy day for me. I had 3 receptions and 2 weddings this day. It normally wouldn’t be that bad, but one of the weddings was Kylie’s, so it was a family affair. Other than the big group photo, Greg shot the temple images of Jeremy and Kylie. I was a bridesmaid… did I mention that part? I organized it all to go off without a hitch. I had two separate photographers that I hired to photograph the other two receptions, but I was still able to shoot the wedding for one of them. Greg went to the first part of one and had Alyssia come take over. Anyway, lots to plan for. So, the big day came, and not only did I need to remember my camera gear, but I had to make sure my kids had all of their appropriate attire, and that I had a change of shoes, and clothes, and so forth. In the madness I didn’t notice that my temple recommend had expired a month beforehand… 🙁 There were tears shed, but I knew that the day had to go on. Kylie’s wedding turned out stunning! Margo was a great wedding planner. She works with Bella Vista, and I think she was worth every penny that she was paid. Everything just turned out so great!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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