Ryan and Amy

At this time, I would like to explain where I was standing while I shot this image. I was in the midst of a very large, dense, BUMBLE BEE invested flower garden. These bees were as large as humming birds. I have never been stung, so I knew that today was the day that it would happen and then I would find out that I was alergic and be rushed to the emergency room. That part didn’t happen, but those were my thoughts while I stood there with my eye through my camera not being able to look to see what was brushing by my arms and legs. All I could do was to listen to the extremely loud HUM (yes Hum, when they are that large they stop buzzing, they hum)of the beastly bumble. At one point, a bumble flew right into my leg. It felt like a golf ball was thrown at me. I screamed so loud, and everyone stared at me. At least I got their attention. 🙂

I have had so many comments on Amy’s bridal session. If you have been faithful then you would remember her taking her bridals with all of her pets. Dog, cat, bunny, but my personal fav is the chicken. Her bridals were taken in her backyard, and her reception was also in her backyard. Frankly her backyard is stunning. 🙂
She had so many details put into her wedding. My favorite detail was that she potted plants in rustic old cans. I also loved the love bird chain. Amy is a very feminine woman, so it made sense for everything to be precious and pink. The hydrangeas in her bouquet and the bows on her cake made it all pull together perfectly.

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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