Brian and Rachel

I caught this moment. I was shooting the family portraits and I looked behind me and there was Grandma and the little ones watching the group be photographed. They looked right at me and smiled.

It seemed like there was always so much laughter! I love shots like these.

For one reason or another I never blogged Brian and Rachel’s engagement or bridal sessions, so I’ll just blog them all at once.
The engagement session was shot at the Salt Lake Public Library.
The bridal session was shot at the Harri Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.
Brian and Rachel are so fabulous! They were both totally invested in every detail of their wedding. That’s what I loved about them. Rachel wanted her wedding to be perfect, so she never settled for less. They also had Picturethis at their wedding. Picturethis and Photography by McKenzie have teamed up at receptions. Picturethis is a digital sign in album with a photo booth option. To view more details visit this link.
Their reception was held at Bella Vista in Lindon.

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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