Colby and Melanie

This is one of the benefits of having a second photographer at your wedding. This was shot while I was taking group photos.

I know I always post the hilarious shots of the family portraits, but for the record I always take the forma shots as well. 🙂

For the record Colby and Melanie’s photos have been processed and back to them for months now. I just forgot to blog about their wedding. Which I feel really bad about since their wedding was so much fun!

I have never shot at the Vernal Temple before. It’s an interesting temple because it was a tabernacle that was turned into a temple. I think….
Anyway, it was so fun because Lilly (videographer friend) came with me and my husband. Road trip! We woke up super early that morning to get there. Lilly and I slept in the car while Greg drove. What a sweetie. We took their photos around the temple before they were married because there wasn’t a lot of time between the sealing time and the luncheon.
We had a great time in good ole Vernal. Greg REALLY wanted to go to the Dinosaur museum, but unfortunately Lilly and I overruled him. 🙂 Next time…
Thank you so much Colby and Melanie. You two have fantastic families.
McKenzie and Greg Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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