Ben and Chrissy

They hired a PARTY BUS to take us around the city to places that they love to take photos. So pretty much my dream come true!

When Ben got off the party bus he started just busting out all of these hilarious poses. There were a couple more shots, but I couldn’t post all of them.

They had completely choreographed a fantastic fantastic dance! Greg and I were all set up to photograph just some ordinary slow dance, then they break it down and make us all scream!

Chrissy is the sister to Amy Schauers. Greg and I have taken the Schauers photos many times and Chrissy loved them, so she hired us to fly out to her wedding in Wisconsin. For one reason or another this wedding was the only out of state wedding we shot this year. In the past we’ve had at least 5 or 6. Either way this one was worth 5 weddings! This was my first Catholic wedding. In some ways I feel super sheltered because I was raised in Utah with the LDS religion. I had never been inside a Catholic chapel or seen mass. It was such a great experience. Greg and I worked as a crazy amazing team making sure that all angles were photographed.

Thank you two for being so wonderful to work with. I LOVED your wedding!!! AHHHH!
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer
  1. Amy

    November 8th, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    LOVE all the photos from my sis's wedding. You guys made an amazing team! I could see so many of these in a magazine!

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