Tiny and Krista

This moment is so precious to me. This is when she went up to her oldest son Max right after they came out of the temple. So so precious!

This is her littlest son Lincoln. Such a cutie!

Yeah! The sisters! These are my favorite sisters!

These kids would not stay put, so we had the parents put them on the photo and run out. My favorite shots of these were the ones with the moms trying to run out.

At the end of the dinner Krista and Tiny changed into “normal” clothing and we took a large family photo of the groom’s family.

Here they are again! I loved being able to shoot Krista’s wedding. When I first met Tiny he was so cute in the way that he asked if I could photograph their wedding. I’m pretty sure they were in the first talking about it stages, so I felt really cool to be a part of that. I am actually shooting her family photos this Friday. 🙂 She just can’t get enough of the goodness of great photography, and I think she likes to pay to hang out with me. At their wedding dinner I felt like a celebrity because everyone there had seen the photos that I had taken of her family over the years. I loved this! Thanks so much Krista and Tiny and I will see y’all on Friday.

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer
  1. The Mounts

    November 4th, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    Love, Love, Love!!!!! I am still so bummed I couldn't make it to their special day, but they are the best couple and you did awesome work (as always)!!!

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