Extensions by Lindy

Greg Shot this session. It seems like it’s super popular to name your company name after yourself. I’m not making fun of it… because um… look at my own company name… 🙂

Lindy Hughes specializes in extensions for hair and eyelashes. She needed some photos to market with. So I offered to shoot them in trade for eyelashes of my own. We wanted to shoot some before and after shots. Greg obviously shot this session since I’m in them. The craziest part of it all was when we shot one eye with eyelashes and one without. It’s AMAZING how fabulous I look in the morning. It looks like I have full makeup on when I wake up. LOVE IT! Now everyone out there knows that I don’t have fantastically long, lush natural eyelashes.
Lindy is a preferred wedding vendor. When booking with Photography by McKenzie you’ll receive a full set of fabulously fantastic eyelash extensions for only $125 instead of $150. $25 off! These eyelashes make all the difference when taking close up shots at bridals and on your wedding day. It’s definitely something every bride should work into their budget. I actually think that these eyelashes are more important then getting nails done. Contact Lindy for an appointment. Her info is below.
Lindy Hughes
McKenzie Deakins
Greg Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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