Jeremy and Kylie

We snuck into a pasteur with horses grazing in it to get some shots with these great yellow wild flowers. The horses were really curious. This was such a hilarious moment!
(I know I’m horrible… I totally trespass everywhere.)

Kylie is the last of my family to get married. Which is a huge relief since there were two family weddings last year that I photographed in a dresses. So this will be the last. 🙂 I LOVED shooting this with Jeremy and Kylie. It was super fun because I knew Kylie had this cute beach cruiser, and I knew that would come in handy from the videography stand point. My bestest friend Lilly (Picket Fence Films) was there at this session as well. I know her video of this will be darling.

I also designed the invitation. Keep in mind that I am a photographer, not a designer, but when it comes to family weddings it seems like that’s one in the same. I think it turned out really cute, so if you don’t like it then keep it to yourself, because I am pretty proud of it.
Oh, and don’t you love her shoes… Yeah they’re mine.. So go ahead… be a little jealous of how fabulous they are!
Tip to the brides:
Have a professional do your hair and makeup. Seriously! Kylie had someone else do her hair an makeup and she didn’t have any stress when it came to that.
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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