Cody and Amy

What can I say about Cody and Amy… Oh goodness. Well, Cody Fehlberg has finally found someone with a personality that matches his own. They are a couple that is absolutely hilarious. You can see from the photos that they couldn’t stop being fabulously funny the entire day.
Greg shot this wedding because I was already booked. It was actually crazy because I was booked for the same day, the same temple, and an hour before their sealing. So Greg and I carpooled and “went to work” together. It was really cool. If only everyone could plan their weddings like this. 🙂
I went to high school with Cody, so it was a stinker that I couldn’t go to his reception because I actually was invited as a guest. Apparently there wasn’t even room if I would have gone. The reception was for three brides… Yes that’s right! 3 brides and 3 grooms! Cody and his two brothers all got married within a week or two of each other. And I think… correct me if I’m wrong, that the reason they had a triple reception was because all of the brides were from out of state. So this was a reception for mainly Cody and Amy because that was their actual wedding day, and then the other Fehlberg brothers.
Anyway, I shot Cody and Amy’s pre wedding photos at the temple in November so that I could shoot them. We also shot them early before the snow came so that we could get some great shots without freezing to death. It was such a blast shooting this session. Thank you guys for being so much fun! Congrats!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

Greg Deakins
Associate Photographer

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