Danny and Lynley

Greg Deakins shot this session.
Lynley Dowdle is one of good friends from when I worked at Modbe Clothing. I quit Modbe when Ellie was born, so it’s been over three years now that I haven’t really seen and hung out with Lynley. We were soooo close when we worked with each other. It’s interesting how we would see each other 40 hours a week, and now we don’t. We definitely need to hang out more. Lynley! We need to go on double dates or something. Anyway, I am super excited for her. She is stunning in these shots. She made these pendants and is planning on using them at her reception as well. Lynley is so ridiculously talented. I just love her!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

Greg Deakins
Associate Photographer

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