Jason and Angie

This is an inside joke.. 🙂

All hail the toffee! This toffee was one of the highlights of my month!

Oh my goodness! What a stunning, fabulous, fun, polite, and energetic couple. Jason was always SO sweet and polite whenever we shot his photos. He always wanted to be sure that he didn’t take up too much of our time, or he always wanted to have the next person to be photographed on deck and ready to go. He was just an awesome awesome groom. Angie was absolutely fabulous! She was such a great sport at her bridal session when it was ridiculously cold, and she was awesome on the wedding day.
I left before the dancing began at the reception, but I wish I didn’t. My husband (Greg) shot all of the dancing photos at the reception. While I was processing them I was kicking myself that I didn’t just stay. I wanted to post a lot of the dancing shots because they were all so hilarious. I didn’t realize that Jason was such a dance man!
Anyway, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your big day. I know we had a ton of fun, and congrats!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

Greg Deakins
Associate Photographer

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