Devin and Christina

All of us!

My goofus brothers.

My handsome Dad and my handsome brother.

Photo by Greg Deakins

Photo by Greg Deakins

Photo by Greg Deakins
Photo by Greg Deakins

Photo by Greg Deakins

This shot was Devin’s choice. We shot the traditional shot with their hands on the door knob. Then he said let’s do something different. So they both put their hands up like this.

I love their faces in this one. I swear they look at me with that face all the time.

My little family. For the record I was 3 months pregnant. My dress was made by my friend Shawna Schauers. She’s an amazing dress maker. She also made the bride’s dress. Ellie is holding the famous Pink Tedde. He (I know the bear is pink)… He had a dress that matched Ellie’s so I thought it was appropriate to have him in the shot.

My stunning and wonderful MOM! She means so much to me!

These vases are the same ones that were used at Dane and Stephanie’s wedding.

Christina made her own cake. I know… she’s amazing!

She saved moolah by borrowing decor from her friend’s weddings. These were from Nick and Lizzy’s wedding.

Are you kidding with how gorgeous my precious baby girl is!

The location was a park in Orem. It’s actually a really nice park. This pavillion had picnic tables underneath it. So they were all taken out and twinkle lights were strung all over the top. It set such a warm and inviting mood. It turned out so gorgeous.

The big day! Devin is my brother and Christina is my new sister-in-law. Throughout our growing up years Devin and I always fought and teased each other. My Mom still thinks that we were best friends growing up, but frankly I’m just now starting to like him. Anyway, I have done a TON of weddings at the Salt Lake Temple this past season. It was just SOOO crazy weird that I was actually taking photos of my own brother. I loved everything about this wedding. Christina has been coming over to my house from the beginning to talk about wedding stuff. I was also the Maid of Honor. I loved it! I hated how fast the day went. It went faster than when I’m just the photographer.
I had one of my interns help with the photography. Alyssia Newton. She’s actually a previous bride. 🙂 She did an awesome job. It was a love hate situation for me. I loved that I was able to be a part of the wedding and enjoy it, but it was killing me that I couldn’t be behind the camera making sure that the shot was taken just how I would want it. I’m definitely a control freak that way.
I loved that my entire family came together to celebrate the wedding. It literally brought tears to my eyes standing on the steps with my fam. We aren’t able to get together very often, so it was definitley a blessing.
Thank you so much Devin and Christina for having a fabulous wedding. It was so fun to photograph you two because you were so comfortable with me, and happy to be there. Love you guys!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

  1. Aubrey

    January 8th, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    What a fabulous wedding!! Mckenzie you look fantastic!! LOVE THE HAIR!! And Ellie is just beautiful!!

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