David and Natalie

David and Natalie were a very traditional couple in a sense that they upheld many wonderful traditions at their wedding. My favorite was when rice was thrown after the ceremony. They had bells at each table that whenever someone would ring it the couple would say “Wisdom or Love”, if the answer was Wisdom then they received advise on marriage, if it was Love then they would kiss. I think that’ s how it went. Correct me if I am wrong.
David is from France and Natalie has Irish origins, so a lot of the traditions had something to do with one or both of those countries. Their cake was the Eiffel Tower, and they had French and Irish toasts.
They also had great decor and flower arrangements. I was super impressed.
At the end of the night they had their first dance. They were so much fun to watch. They definitely knew how to dance so it was really easy to just keep pressing my shutter release.
At the VERY end of the night the bride and groom invited us (my intern and I) to join in with the dancing. We both refused at first, but then they insisted and insisted. At one point the groom said, “We are paying you to dance now, not to take photos.” I loved it! Heather and I busted it out on the dance floor. We had such a great time.
Then we heard bagpipes from the backyard. We all did the train to the backyard to find a bagpiper. While he bagpipped, 🙂 the bride threw her bouquet off the balcony.
It was such a fun fun wedding and reception to be a part of.
Thank you two so much for making this wedding such a blast!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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