Thanks and I’m sorry

I just wanted to take a second and thank all of my brides this summer. I have had such a great time with each one of you! It’s so much fun going from wedding to wedding and experiencing so many different styles. From apples pies to 5 tiered cakes, freesias and roses, garden receptions and the 24th floor, each bride was different, but I was able to capture each brides style in a fun way. Wow, I have been to Oakland CA, and I just got back from Houston, TX. I have been to the Salt Flats twice, the lavender fields, and the Great Salt Lake to name a few. I have been all over the state and Utah and it’s been great. I am so thankful to every bride, groom, and the mothers for having a great time with me and letting me be a part of those wonderful moments and memories.

Ok, so now I’m sorry. I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get your images back to you. For those brides and families that haven’t received your photos yet, they’re coming, I promise. I hope to be completely caught up by the end of September. Give me a call if you have questions on when your images will be ready or email me.

801.427.4068 or

Thanks again everyone! It’s been a pleasure!

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