Braden and Jamie- frozen engagements

January is a slow month for me, so I was looking forward to this shoot. I LOVE how these look. You would NEVER in a million years guess where I shot. It looks like we climbed to the top of Mount Timpanogos and found a glacier to play on. Greg doesn't want me to give away the secret. So I'm gonna make you work for it! Once I have 500 followers on instagram... I'll tell you. So... make it happen people.

In the meantime... I shot the lumberjack photos in our studio. Greg built this backdrop from a fence that my Dad was taking down. I LOVE how it turned out. LOVE it. I'm actually think of having this same wood as a wall in my office. Just a thought. 

Braden and Jamie are darling. Not only are they attractive, BUT they're both so sweet and kind. I love their personalities so it makes it super easy to photograph them. Thank you two for being so great! I can't wait for bridals... I believe we're going to La Caille. SO don't pee yo pants! Cause it's gonna be GOOD! (That's me screaming with excitement)

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer
Photography by McKenzie


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