Kyle and Mackenzie - aspen grove

I was dying when I saw Mackenzie's dress. It's SO delicate, precious, feminine and classic. It has so much taste and with a simplistic style. The pockets are so essential and darling. The bow in the back was my personal fav. I loved all of it. She definitely did my name justice. Good job Mackenzie.
Kyle is hilarious! He is a mountain man. So he brought his ax to have a portrait with. HAHAHAHA! I was dying. He also loves Sasquatch, so we had to work with that too. They both have so much fun together. I can't wait for their wedding on Friday. I KNOW it will be great! I love posting shots along the way on Instagram, so be sure to follow me to the stunningness that I see. :)
Kyle gave me the BEST compliment. He asked me if I had won any awards. So nice. I guess I should start submitting to win awards... Anywhoo. I love you guys!

Work it Kyle! 

Ta Da!

I did it! I caught Sasquatch! I have proof!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer


Brian & Kyla said…
I lived in the same apartment complex as Kyle one year while at BYU. Small world!

Beautiful pictures!
Dallas said…
Beautiful shots McKenzie. The Bride is gorgeous, the backdrop incredible. Love all these!

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