Dugan and Erin- save the date

Dugan and Erin... it was love at first sight... For me.
They wanted to do a quick session for a 'save the date' announcement. So I stuck their session in between my other two winter sessions. Their wedding isn't until September, so all of their photos will look like a different season. Jealous.
When they showed up, I told them they looked like 70's Barbie and Ken. I wanted to miniaturize them and take them home with me to brush their hair. My daughter and I could play Barbie's and Monster High Dolls together with Dugan and Erin. Ha! That was craziness!
Anyway, Love them. I gave them hugs after their consultation, and I can't wait for the rest of their sessions.
Thanks you two!

 Yes! They attack kiss each other. So awesome!

I'm normally not a fan of the 'backpack' photo, BUT this was candid. Dugan picked Erin up so she didn't have to walk in the 4 ft deep snow. So presh! PRESH!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer


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