Mick and Michelle

Yep, I stole this idea from someone else, but I made it my own. Ha!

Mick looks so angry pants in this shot. I love it! This is actually a reason why I like to shoot each session. I like to know if they feel comfortable doing the "no smile" or schmize shots. We'll have to see how Mick likes this one...

Mick and Michelle eat M&M's together because their names both start with M. I joined in on the fun since ma name starts with M too! Oh yes!
I LOVE this session because we had so many fun props to play with. I told them to bring some stuff and I brought some stuff and we just kept shooting. I actually forgot about the carmel apples, but I think we rocked it with everything else.
Strange coincidence. One of my first weddings I shot was for Mickey and Michelle, and they also loved M&Ms. Crazy, right? Anyway, I love these two. Go team!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer


Dust said…
What a fun engagement shoot! And yes you did rock it! :) Oh and this is Alyssia not Dust:)

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