Stacey is the sister of Zach of Zach and Emmie (see links below for their wedding and family portraits).
I am in LOVE with Stacey's dress. Yes and Yes and Yes. She did it all right. I know I put a lot of her sassy face instead of her smiling laughing face on this posting, but it's because she's so striking with the sassiness! We got a lot of smiling shots too.
Anyway, Yes and Yes and Yes. I love all of it!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer


Carrie said…
SOOOOO breathtakingly gorgeous! Good job McKenzie and good job Stacey!
Sunday said…
Omgosh!! I love your photography! When I get married (I am 15 right now)and if I get married in Utah, I would love it if you were my photographer. Also I want to be a wedding planner, so I even love your pictures a million times more! I would totally reccommend you to my clients :)

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