Matt and Kara

This couple is always hilarious to be with. Matt is definitley a character, and Kara was absolutely stunning in her dress. I was going crazy for her the kale in her bouquet. I called in cabbage for awhile, but it's kale. I think...

It's way too late/early to give you all advice, so no advice for this one.

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer


Kara and Matt said…
Thanks McKenzie, there are soooo many cute pics. It's going to be hard to narrow them down! :o)
OK. I saw that wall once on my way to the Conference Center and I told myself, "When I'm a professional photographer, I'm going to take pictures by that wall." I love love LOVE it!! I'm totally a fan of graffiti walls! That kinda made my day! :)

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