Jeff and Emily

Jeff and Emily are taking advantage of the incredibly ridiculous prices I have in March. Greg (my handsome husband) shot their engagement session. I think they turned out absolutely awesome! It was so fun to look through these. It looks like they had a good time. Lots of funny candid shots for sure! Thanks you two!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer


Emily said…
Instead of invitations with engagement photos included, we should just send whole little photo albums to everyone. That way we wouldn't have to choose one.

OR! (Oh, this is a good idea!) We could print more than just one, and mix them up so that everyone would get 1 or 2 of our 15 (or 50?) favorite pictures. On the back we can give each picture a special title and number, like {"Jeff & Em Where Em's Hair is Blowing in the Breeze" #11 of 25} so everyone knows how many there are to collect, and put "Collect them all!" which will be a challenge, for sure.

No, but seriously, we loved our session with Greg, we're super happy with the pictures, and we're looking forward to the bridal/groomal session AND OUR WEDDING!

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