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Carnival engagement session - Strawberry Days

Yikes! It's been a hot minute since I blogged last. Sorry bout that!
I wanted to blog this darling carnival session I recently shot at Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Sierra emailed me and asked if we could photograph her engagement session at a carnival. Well... carnivals don't just grow on trees, but as luck would have it, the very next weekend the carnival came to town! Hooray!
We wanted to snap some 'traditional' looking engagements before the carnival, so I went to one of my favorite local spots in American Fork. These nummy green pines are above the American Fork Amphitheater exactly west of the LDS Timpanogos Temple. It's a stunning spot and easy to photograph. We snapped some there, and then off to the carnival!

Not gonna lie. It was SUPER crowded with carnival goers so it was tricky getting good angles without people in them. The carousel was a favorite of mine because I could shoot as the guests were getting off the ride and before the next round…

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