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Adam and Brenley - A Wedding in a Peach Orchard

I was SO excited when Lori Shenk called me and said Adam and Brenley were getting married! I shot her daughter's wedding a few years before which was featured in Utah Valley Bride magazine. I became SO close to this cute family that every year I photograph their family portraits and make a fun composite image for their holiday cards... I mean... we've done some pretty fun stuff! Hammocks in the trees, taped kids to the wall, families in the cardboard boxes, and buried parents in the sand dunes. We've had FUN!
I LOVED every single piece and part to this fabulous day! Brenley's Modern Trousseau gown was absolutely stunning! The sleeves and the fit! Absolute perfection! Honestly every little detail was exactly what I would have expected from the Shenk family. Seriously, the best part was being able to photograph these beautiful people. I really love them so much! It means the world to me to have returning clients over so many years. THANK YOU SHENK FAMILY! I JUST LOVE YA…

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